About Our Apps

Instant access to information is the new standard with customers. To be competitive, companies must deliver information to consumers in an intuitive, convenient and mobile format. The Goal: To Push important information to the consumer, so they get it when they want it and how they want it. How do you meet these growing market demands? With apps by Studio Tiga!!

Studio Tiga provides immediate value to your marketing initiatives. Our mobile technology platform allows you to distribute your latest product catalog, sales information, venue activities, sports updates or marketing promotions to your consumers at the click of a button.

Literally, a click of the button. Think about it. Your latest information is updated simultaneously on your iPhone and iPad apps, Android apps on phones and tablets, mobile sites and your website. You sit in the command center and have direct access to your customers. You quickly and easily push relevant information to them whenever you want to, or market dynamics demand. You are captain of your own ship.

How do you update your information? With Studio Tiga’s proprietary mobile technology platform, updates are performed from any computer or even your smart phone! No special software required. All you need is a cellular or internet connection.

Having difficulty choosing between a mobile website or an app? With Studio Tiga you get both for the price of one. The Studio Tiga team works closely with your marketing organization to develop a cross-platform mobile app that meets your specific marketing and business needs, and connects to your website.

The goal is simple: enhanced client / consumer / fan contact with real-time information…as it happens. Best of all, your information is confidentially built and stored in a secure, password-protected server, which is backed up 24/7.

Here are just some of the features available in the Studio Tiga apps:

Studio Tiga’s advanced systems and real-time processes easily enable mobile app deployment for all of your marketing and business promotions. With Studio Tiga, you can move into the world of mobile apps ..right now!

"I have had the pleasure of working with Studio Tiga for over 5 years and they have delivered beyond our expectations. Their attention to detail and customer service was remarkable and I always felt they approached our relationship as a true partnership that helped both sides grow their brand."

-Jason Jenkins – Director of Media Relations – Miami Dolphins