Retail Franchises

Intergrate and conquer.

Nowadays, retail stores are finding their competition in cyberspace. Ironically, cyberspace has also become retails biggest tool to stay competitive and relevant. A mobile app engrains your retail franchise into the minds of mobile nomads roaming about their lives. Your app will allow customers to find your retail locations using GPS, follow your social media action with a click, and even place orders on their mobile device.

Once they browse your product catalog and find out you are only a mile away, suddenly waiting 5-7 business days for an online purchase becomes a faint memory. Whether you are a flower shop, computer repair store, or even a retirement home, there is no limit to what doors a mobile app can open for your business.

Let us build you an app that will take your business from main street to front of mind. So get ready, your business is about to make a lot of new friends.

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"Studio Tiga has taken our production to a whole new level. Our app is extremely easy to use, has allowed us to reach a greater audience and is an environmentally responsible production alternative. We couldn’t be happier with the final product and the service we received."

-Todd Sharrock- VP of Public Relations – Columbus Blue Jackets