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Social Media

Let your customers do the marketing for you.

It's hard to think about mobile devices and not think about social media. Mobile devices are fueling social networking on-the-go, with Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn, consumers can share an idea, picture, or experience quicker than ever. So how do you get in on this action? With social media integration for your mobile app, your users will be able to share their passion and excitement for your product. Comments get posted, millions read, new customers arise, and the cycle repeats. Also, centralizing your social connections allows users to find various social networks they may not of know you were on.

With 64 million mobile social media users, the reach is limitless. Become a part of the social scene and see the difference it will make on both your brand and your bottom line.

Let us build you an app that will let your audience put the "pro" in promoting and bring you into the inner-circle of fans and friends alike.

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"Studio Tiga has taken our production to a whole new level. Our app is extremely easy to use, has allowed us to reach a greater audience and is an environmentally responsible production alternative. We couldn't be happier with the final product and the service we received."

-Todd Sharrock- VP of Public Relations – Columbus Blue Jackets