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Put the purchasing power in the hands of your customers. Literally.

It is no wonder that an ecommerce site is called the greatest salesman. Successful retail stores are not just brick and mortar, they are online 24/7 selling product and offering services.

In this smartphone and mobile consumer world, people buy the latest CD or sunglasses while relaxing on a beach, or in the middle of the night, or with friends during lunch break…any time they want too!! Is your product readily available via eCommerce? Studio Tiga's proprietary mobile platform allows you to provide your clients with instant access to your product catalog and services. Your e-commerce enabled app allows clients to shop on their own time. When they want. How they want. Because they want it now!!

Many companies feel comfortable that they have an active and useful website. Yes this is important. BUT…Consumers are using the iPad, iPhone or Android phone to make purchase decisions while lounging on their couch. If you are reading this then you understand the trend consumers are putting on mobile shopping. E-commerce on a mobile platform is the best salesman you may have ever hired. Why wait? Consumers are using mobile apps more and more over the internet and the trend is increasing. check out this graphic...

Contact Studio Tiga to find out more about their proprietary mobile platform. Keep your customers, sales partners, and clients informed and up-to-date, while delivering value to your business.

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"Studio Tiga has taken our production to a whole new level. Our app is extremely easy to use, has allowed us to reach a greater audience and is an environmentally responsible production alternative. We couldn’t be happier with the final product and the service we received."

-Todd Sharrock- VP of Public Relations – Columbus Blue Jackets